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Kanenuiakea became visible and ceased being silent at the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu on September 30, 2012. For a century we maintained our faith and practice despite direct persecution and contempt. We have found loving and supportive partners, and the experience of sharing our spiritual tradition with others has been transformative. More Kanaka Maoli, Hawaiians, are discovering that the values they already hold had survived in their homes and in the examples of their ancestors. We are so-called natives because we have a percentage of Hawaiian blood (koko). Somehow, this racist concept of "blood quotient" survived the plantation system, a type of slavery, and has entered the legal system that is imposed upon us. If one does not have 50% koko, one is not eligible for a Hawaiian homestead or other "privileges" of the system. Dividing our people by blood percentage is not the way and the values of Pono, Aloha, and Lōkahi that united our Ohana.

Please let us know if you wish to network with us.

Koa Ike (www.koaike.org)
Marae Ha‘a Koa (www.maraehaakoa.org)
The International Association of Religious Freedom. IARF membership: (https://iarf.net/members/north-america-2/)
First Unitarian Church of Honolulu (http://www.unitariansofhi.org). Partnership: (http://www.unitariansofhi.org/photos-kanenuiakea)

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